Sunday, April 20, 2008

Reconciling the "Crisis"

1. Stay in Boise vs. I. Move to Seattle

I may come back, I do not rule that out entirely. However, I need to get out for at least a year. For the challenge, for the change, because Boise is like a safe, pleasant crutch. As per Seattle: I just love the city, we shall see if it stays that way.

Finish an English degree (go to school)

I don't know if this is necessarily in the cards for me. I do want to continue taking classes to continue reading, I want to get more proficient in a few languages and to take some writing classes. So while I am unsure about a degree, I am sure that I want to go back to school for ... so I am going to try and get a job at a University.

Other projects

As far as reconciling the crisis of not know what I want to do with my life, I have determined thus far in my life that as long as my job is unlike my hobbies, I will have the energy to dabble in them in my off time. No matter where I end up, there is a pile of projects I want to endeavor:

a) language proficiency
b) edit novel
c) research/write new novel
d) take writing classes
e) still-life project
f) lifetime reading project
g) travel to Europe

So if Grayson gets in to grad school somewhere weird, if Seattle works or if it does not, I think I will be able to carry fulfillment with me, as long as I am growing as a person, and engaging in hobbies I enjoy.

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