Sunday, August 17, 2008

A weekend in pictures...

In despair and sadness at the convalescence of my camera, here is our weekend in photos:

Friday night: Bellevue-We checked out the upscale suburb to the East, which is mainly shops, new skyscrapers and McMansions.

Also, Chihuly waterfalls indoors:

and, a LEGO store!!!
The art museum also apparently commissioned a huge shopping bag for the art displayed outside by their entrance. And the closest bookstore to their huge shopping district was quarantined two blocks away. I do not think I like this town a whole lot.

On Saturday, we walked through the Washington Park Arboretum:
Beware, the dark forest:
And then I got super-excited because there were a lot of lily pads around, which I have always liked. And then there were beautiful white lotuses growing from some. Grayson got down and reached his hand into the buggy, murky deep to retrieve for me a single white enchanted lotus. Because I am not a fan of receiving gifts that require effort just to watch them die, I do not usually like getting flowers, but because they were so pretty, Grayson stole for me what would be the first flower he has ever given me from the State of Washington!

After that, we went to the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), which is a Washington History Museum which just happened to be about to close their GEORGE EASTMAN HOUSE EXHIBIT!!!

I saw-in the FLESH-some of my favorite photographs ever:

Imogen Cunningham's '2 Callas,'
a Steichen print I can't find digitally, and Ansel Adam's 'Clearing Winter Storm,'
they also had Dorothea Lange's 'Migrant Mother'
After that I went to a book club in Capitol Hill and Grayson and I wandered around Cal Anderson Park, which has cool fountains and black metallers playing fetch with their dogs on a sunny summer day.

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