Wednesday, June 3, 2009

West Seattle

We've now been in Boston for just shy of two months. I have to say, I miss Seattle like crazy, and have often thought, if we ever move back to Seattle, where would I want to put roots down? And I have to say, my mind keeps drifting to West Seattle.

The entire year we were in Seattle, I had really wanted to make it to Alki Beach and West Seattle, but for one reason or another it just never happened, until one of the last few weeks we were in town at all. My mom had come to visit for the weekend, and among a crazy whirlwind through the city that we embarked on, we took the water taxi across Elliot Bay to West Seattle. Originally, it was to kayak around the West Seattle peninsula, but a kayak proved a bit too...intense...for my claustrophobia, so we opted instead to rent bicycles from the place. My mother, Grayson and I hopped on beach cruisers and rode our bicycles the entire parameter of the West Seattle peninsula, from where the water taxi drops you off, past Alki Beach, and to the Alki lighthouse. Unfortunately the lighthouse was closed, but we stopped by anyway. From there, we cut through the middle of the peninsula and went down to the farmer's market, checked out the main drag and indulged in delicious cupcakes. From there we rode our bikes the rest of the way across and back to our original starting point. It was an intense ride, but TONS of fun. Below are some photographic highlights. I surprised mom for her birthday with a harbor cruise and went through the Locks, after which she saw boats from her favorite show "The Deadliest Catch," we palled around Pike Market and Pioneer Square, and of course, at the end of the weekend, we tried some cupcakes! This time from a new shop I hadn't tried before, Yellow Leaf in Belltown. I had the Tomato Soup cupcake, which just tasted like pumpkin pie. But it was yummy!

Anyway, there are captions galore:

Can't wait for my next whirlwind in the city...

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