Friday, October 12, 2007

Quarterlife Crisis!

I need all your help. I'm currently in the throes of a quarterlife crisis. I need (because of application deadlines soon looming) to make a decision. What are all of your objective, subjective ideas on what I should do with my life, because I'm honestly completely even across the board on pros and cons.

1. Stay in Boise, and finish an English degree at BSU.
(Pros: I get to see my infant nephew Alex a bit longer, I finish an English degree cheaply and with a Prof. I like, my mom is happy, Grayson gets to stay at the job he likes)
(Cons: I don't get to go to Seattle at all or very soon, which is something I want to do desperately. I'm burned out on school for the moment. I have to take a bunch of classes I'm not interested in.)

2. Move to Seattle and go to school immediately.
(Pros: Seattle!)
(Cons: $$$)

3. or, Move to Seattle and take a year off, then go to school.
(Pros: Seattle!, Resident tuition rates)
(Cons: Will I have the energy to go back to school? Will I get in after a year break?)

4. or move to Seattle and don't go to school
(Pros: Seattle!)
(Cons: What will I do for a job? Will I just be a drone and try to get my book published or will being out of school refresh me and make me happy? Maybe I *can* make it as a writer and photographer...)

A couple of notes.
I. Seattle
I LOVE Seattle. I've wanted to live there since the 11th grade, when I stayed for a week with a friend in Wallingford. I love the people, the culture, the food, the things to do, the bookshops, the surroundings, the weather. Grayson and I both desperately want a change in scenery. It's the default. He likes his current job (it is a dream one) but he could make more and is a tantalizing candidate in the field of Network Operations. We could do well for ourselves in Seattle. But, all our family is here. A big problem (for me) with NOT moving to Seattle is that I said I was going to for so long, I've cancelled photo shoots next summer in preparation for it, I would feel like a total dork if I didn't go. So many people say "I'm going to move to Seattle," then it falls through. I don't want to be one of those people. This is a crappy reason to feel motivated not to stay, but there it is.

II. "going back to school."
What I mean here is going back to get my undergraduate degree in English and then pursuing Graduate work in English with the hope of becoming an English professor at the University level.

"my book" ... "photographer"

I have finished a novel (which is currently unedited). I am interested in cleaning it up and getting it published. I have worked off and on over 4-6 years as a journalist freelance writer, so I could make money writing that way. I also have an extensive portfolio and three years work experience as a photographer, so I could make money that way.

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