Sunday, May 4, 2008

Preliminary Move

The extra wrench thrown into my move is a "preliminary move" we have to complete. Since our estimated move date is the beginning of June, but our lease ends this week, we are moving in with my mother for three weeks before we actually go to Seattle. So not only do we have to pack up and clean our apartment and THEN move it to a new place, we have to help my mom move, and our stuff has to sit around for a few weeks, THEN we get to go. So it is like doing a dual move right now: out of our apartment, and then helping mom move from her apartment to her new house. The whole point, essentially, is to save around a month's worth of expenses (rent, bills, etc.) by crashing at my mom's. It also affords us some transportation, (via my mom or my brother) for when husband puts his car into the shop and eventually sells it before we leave (there's a small dent on the side that he is having repaired to increase the value). That really is the last hurdle: once husband has sold his car our savings goes above our goal! I will be really excited if husband is able to sell his car.

Other exciting news: This past week I called around to the places we are looking at and booked tours (before we sign leases). We got some annoying news that one of the ways the application screens potential new tenants is to ensure that said potential tenant's income covers three times the rent amount. Since husband and I were planning on moving up there without jobs, and find them once we had an address and were in town and able to go to interviews, this was a problem. One of the property managers I talked to said you can usually get away with putting your previous income just for the application's sake, but then deus ex machina rained down good fortune upon us. This week, husband put in his thirty days at his job (the pay of which barely encapsulates three times any average rent in Seattle). The very next day, his boss offered him the means to do his job from home in Seattle. This is not final yet, as it has to clear through corporate, but if it worked, oh golden we would be. I would not be under pressure to make a ton of money, and furthermore, I could take my time finding a gig, since one of us would already have a job, on top of our savings. Fingers crossed!

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