Monday, May 12, 2008

Preliminary move completed, application

This past week husband and I moved out of our apartment, cleaned it, helped my mom move into a new house and moved into said house ourselves. It was stressful, dirty and exhausting, but I hope that not only will this preliminary move help the final, official move in a few weeks, but the weeks without bills and rent should help us save some mad ducats.

In other news, my ichiban, super ultimate favorite apartment building on my list of places to possibly move into has an opening a week into June. I've spent in excess of $50 to overnight an application and checks to them, and should be finding out in the VERY near future if we get the place. This will be awesome not only because of the location, and the awesome amenities, but for the pure and simple fact that I will have one less thing to worry about if where we live is no longer an unknown. Then it will just be getting our stuff up there and then finding a job.

This week I finish finals and graduate on Saturday!

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