Sunday, October 19, 2008

It was an ordinary Thursday... most others...

I went to work,

then I went to Fremont.

Had tempura for dinner...

...while I read books before my French class.

Walked along the canal to my French class.


Went to French class, then home, then sleep. The End.

Saturday, Grayson and I went on a craaazy adventure to the outskirts of Seattle, into the BURBS! Grayson had to take his GRE in Mountlake Terrace, and I, as the ever-necessary navigator, was elected to come along, and find a way to kill four hours in Mountlake Terrace. No easy feat. There was NOTHING around, except for a couple of restaurants, more casinos, and a solid waste plant! Woohoo. I had to walk two miles to find a coffeeshop, technically to a different town, Edmonds. I read books, drank chai, and walked all the way back just in time to meet Grayson, who scored an AWESOME 1490 on the GRE. Then we took a two hour bus ride through Shoreline (the fourth town I had been in that day) to Northgate, and transferred to a bus home. It was a wild adventure that consisted in next to nothing.

An open letter to the citizens of Mountlake Terrace:

Dear Citizens of Mountlake Terrace,

Please tell me what you do for fun on a normal day?

Yours truly,

Today, Grayson and I walked to Wallingford to see W. It was okay, funny at parts, though mostly a poorly written, not entirely well-casted movie in which I couldn't really tell what the filmmakers were trying to accomplish. Meh. I should have known from the preview that my favorite scene would be the slow-mo, almost-undoing-of-our-Pres-by-a-pretzel scene.

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