Sunday, October 26, 2008

My shredder's name is Chompsky

Friday night I went out with my book club and saw a movie, and Saturday I went to my Virginia Woolf workshop. The rest of the weekend was engaged thusly:

  • 2.25 bags of shredded paper
  • 4 bags of trash
  • 2 bags of recycling
  • 1 box of donatables
  • 1 novel (that makes three this week)
  • 1 overhauled file box
  • 1 sorted bathroom counter
  • 1 sorted junk drawer
  • 1 sorted refrigerator top
  • 1 bag of books sold
Earlier this week, I couldn't fit a single sheet of paper in.

Here is where it went

Hobbes inspects my work (his white kidgloves are obscured)

Which item does not belong?

What was once a pile of indiscernable food, boxes and small appliances...

Much of this was done now because next weekend, NaNoWriMo begins, and I can't have any excuses to *not* write, among all the other millions of things I'll have going on. This year, I have Grayson in on the action...woohoo! Wish us luck!

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