Sunday, November 2, 2008

Novelin' fools!

A great thing about Seattle are the hills that jut up all around the city. These steep hills all around several lakes make for amazing views of the city, huge, sweeping picturesque swaths of trees and gorgeous houses, which in autumn are all dotted bright read and vibrant yellows, surrounding the greyish blue lakes flecked with white boats. Such a beautiful time of year, and then, with the intermittent rainfalls, it makes for perfect novelling weather. This year, I've roped Grayson into my crazy novelling shenanigans. We are, together, united against evil (or with evil?), writing our own 50,000 word novels (about the size of Gatsby or Brave New World) in 30 days. Already, Grayson and my novelling styles are really rather markedly different, but it's fun to have a built in partner in literary abandon. So far, we're both on track, too!

Here are photos of Grayson and I setting up at a coffee shop on 1 November:

In other November goings-ons, this Tuesday is an election, which I fully intend to vote in. Floating around Seattle is the ubiquitous
Stranger alternative newsweekly, which this week (surprisingly, because it's a third party candidate) is endorsing my favored pick for the Presidential race on their cover:

Any and all copyright violations are fully apologized for,
and at request the image will be removed forthwith.
The artist is here. Also, read The Stranger.

I for one welcome our new, adorable kitten overlord.

Here is another kitten overlord...for five minutes on Halloween, Hobbes was the fabled Hobbesian Avenger:

He then promptly tore off his uniform, revealing his kitten-disguise.

Now get out there and vote VOTE


Jenny said...

Look at those back feet! He's gonna be one huge kitty!

Natasha said...

Yay! More kitteh to love!