Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rallying together

On Saturday, Grayson and I headed downtown. We made a stop over at REI to pick up my awesome new urban-ready messenger bag (thanks mom!) I am now the proud owner of a bag that I do not have to remove or struggle to hold on to when I get on the bus, a bag that will hold all my usual crap, plus a huge book, a whole lunch and French textbook and binder, or my laptop for writing. I am also the proud owner of a bag that is waterproof, and will no longer saturate my books, notebooks and papers when I am out and about in the rainy city. Yay! We then headed downtown, I got a couple new shirts for work (totally sweet couponage!) And then we wandered through Pike Market, which still, after living here for five months, is an awesome thing to be able to do whenever we want. Yay! We then took the bus through Pioneer Square, past the Underground Tour office, and checked out FOUR bookstores in a row. Woohoo!

We then made our way back to Westlake to the Anti-Proposition 8 rally, observe our shaky cell phone videos of the awesome signs and huge crowds:

The weather was favorable to the cause, and the mayor dubbed November 15 as "Marriage Equality Day" for the city. Much of the vitriol in Seattle was against the LDS church, which contributed a great deal of money towards defeating Proposition 8 in California. This made for an interesting time for me, especially being from Idaho, and seeing how Seattleites reacted against the Church. Case in point:

There were a bunch of other silly signs, for what else could you expect from a city as tech-savvy and caffeinated as this?

The home of LOLcats:

There were some other signs we didn't capture, PROP 8 FAIL, and another: < / prop8 > which means "End Prop8" in html code.

All in all it was a huge event:

Afterwards it was back toward the homestead for hair cuts, reading, novel writing and sleeps. Today, we started chores, made breakfast (nums!) planned our impending Thanksgiving menu, did some writing, shopping, and headed to the cinema.

We saw Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which had very gross and very funny parts, but was mostly hokey and unbelievable. Even for a movie. Who was Kevin Smith's intended demographic? Raunchy 18-35 males would have gagged at the schmoozy plot, and no girl that I know of in existence could have really identified with Miri...meh. It is really crazy that I can walk to the movie theater. Wee!

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