Tuesday, January 6, 2009

5 Lists of 5 Things

5 excuses for not updating:
1. Lazy
2. In the past two-three weeks, I haven't been in Seattle entirely.
3. Thinking about my new blog.
4. Too busy, what with travel and work and reading lots of books and petting lots of kitty.
5. Lazy

In honor of visiting ye Olde hometowne of Boise over the Xmas holiday, here are 5 things that I missed about the City of Trees:
1. Family.
2. Friends.
3. Flying Pie Pizza.
4. Grayson missed knowing his way around town.
5. Riding my bike.

Also, in honor of our visit, here are 5 things I have come to ... not appreciate entirely ... about Seattle:
1. Graffiti.
2. Panhandlers/homeless. Yes, it's tragic and all, but I have a wicked strong sense of smell.
3. Grayson hates the hipsters, whereas I am indifferent. I, more than Grayson, feel kind of claustrophobic sometimes in this city, where everything is squished in so much.
4. AveRats (like mall rats, but on the Ave, decidedly more dishevelled and older, they scream at each other, hang out with sad looking dogs, drink 40s and spit a lot, they take up half the sidewalk and stare at you as you pass).
5. How much stuff costs.

Looking Back List, or, we've had 5 Anniversaries, what did we do for them?
1. Visited Seattle (2003).
2. We were staying at my mom's with plans to save money to buy a house, so I made spaceship pasta with artichoke sauce, and we had a quiet night in.
3. Dinner and a movie. This year it was "Babel" and P. F. Chang's.
4. Grayson had graduated that day from college, so we spent the day celebrating with laser tag and pizza and beer and friends and family after the ceremony, all of which was a surprise to Grayson, and then I sprung on him the biggest surprise that night: I booked us this crazy suite at Hotel 43 downtown. It had a jacuzzi, and a living room. It was awesome. The next day we went to dinner at On the Border and saw the Golden Compass.
5. Our crazy, downtown Seattle adventure.

Looking Forward List, or 5 things I definitely want to do in the next 6 months, in Seattle:
1. Visit Alki Beach and West Seattle.
2. Check out Georgetown.
3. Go to Tacoma on the train, and eat a cupcake from Look cupcakes. Also go to the Museum of Glass.
4. Ikea store (still haven't actually physically been there).
5. TIE: Seward Park OR Sculpture Park OR Kobuta Gardens.


Marcus Kellis said...

You should definitely check out Smarty Pants in Georgetown, on Airport Way. The couple of blocks around there are awesome, too, home to Fantagraphics, Georgetown Records, a neat beer and wine store, a couple galleries, etc.

We could go to IKEA together with my car next time I'm around, which will probably be before May. Or, failing that, May.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the tips!

Also, and IKEA trip sounds A1 Super. We can maybe get some tunnbrødsrulle...if they sell it there.