Sunday, January 18, 2009

The sun *does* also rise!

2 HUGE developments in the land of milk and coffee this weekend:

Number 1: HOLY CRAP, IT'S THE FRIGGIN APOCALYPSE!!! Oh, wait, it's not a wall of flames descending from the heavens, it's the SUN!

I tried counting the number of days it had been since I had seen the sun for more than two minutes, and I lost count somewhere in December. Grayson and I were at first perplexed, then intrigued, and scampered out to see if it was real. No joke, our eyes hurt, it had been so long. (Hence Grayson's unsure grimace above). We spent a little of yesterday and a good deal of today out and about walking to bask in as much as we could before it parted. We're both BIG overcast/rainy/grey day people, but long enough without the sun and it was actually kind of nice to see!

Number 2:

Seattle passed an ordinance that mandated that fast food establishments have their caloric content on their menus. It's actually county wide. It is supposed to be in effect as of the beginning of the year, but it was still a surprise to start seeing it crop up. Not all places have them readily visible, but one day, we saw it at Starbucks:

And, before you ask (as I did), bask in the market research Grayson and I walked 2 miles to obtain:

Yes, even McDonald's. Even McDonald's displays that a Quarter Pounder with Cheese containeth 1100-some-odd calories, right there, glowing for all to see.


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