Friday, March 20, 2009


In order to prepare for our upcoming trip to Europe, we're hitting the many streets of Seattle testing out our new walkin' shoes and my new, tiny, travel-ly camera. We started last Saturday in Fremont, walking around from the Fremont Rummage Sale (which raises money for the totally Fremont-y Solstice Parade) through the rest of Fremont in the rain:

Fremont: Center of the Universe

Lenin looks on...

...and finds Fremont to be good... the hairs on his Commie-chinny-chin-chin.

Fremont knows that gelato deserves an exclamation point

On Sunday, we walked all the way from our place to the Greenlake library. It mostly rained, and then was intermittently blue and pretty, just in time for nice views and decent photos:

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