Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beverage Edition

In the Seattle sphere this week...I am still a temp, kitty got sick, and the weather has been sunny and clear all week. WHAT THE HELL, SEATTLE?

I discovered my new favorite hangout, this place called Remedy Teas in Capitol Hill (where I work). It is really cute and modern inside, and specializes in all kinds of exotic, awesome teas. They even have a nutella sandwich on the menu. They have hundreds of kinds of teas that they brew for you by the cup or pot, or you can take the leaves home. Super-awesome-o. I've actually seen a couple of tea shops that I want to hit up, but perhaps more-so when it is warmer.

I tried a taro bubble tea, finally. Taro was the single flavor on the menu at all the bubble tea shops that I had never heard of. Before I blew $5 on something I might hate, I looked it up on was thoroughly unhelpful. It sounded like a plant-y, leafy green, but there was no help on the taste front. I even asked the guy at the shop and he was at a loss for words. I decided to take the plunge and I really loved's purple! It tasted (to me) somewhere between a really faint almost grape taste and strawberry milk. It was AWESOME. New favorite flavor. Though I have to try them all, so it may be a while until I get that kind again. The menus are HUGE, there are too many flavors to pick.

In other weird drink news, I've found two things in the local convenience store that are pretty exotic. Canada Dry apparently makes a sparkling green tea ginger ale, which tastes exactly like it sounds: half green tea, half ginger ale. I haven't seen it anywhere else yet. You can also buy Pocky at the CONVENIENCE STORE!! How cool is that? Even in flavors I didn't know it came: I got coconut pocky and Brazilian pudding pocky (which tastes like carmel-ly, custard-y flan). These are just the flavors at the convenience store! Super happy-making. And for the other exotic drink available at convenience stores is "Ramune," which is Japanese, comes in a little glass bottle, and basically tastes like an Italian soda. Except that it is somewhat complex to open, but it pops this little marble in a convenient hold that makes a fun rattle while you drink! Woohoo!

Yesterday we went to Tivoli, the Scandinavian Festival at the Nordic Heritage Museum. Among other quaint goings-ons, there were SWORDS and LEGOS! Observe:

That's the Midgard serpent, getting what's coming to him.

Today we were pretty boring. We saw Wall-E, it was pretty cute. Next weekend, we're going to the Center of the Universe, Fremont!

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