Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finally a Seattleite

Because the criterion for citizenship could only be:

a liberry card!!! I have already gotten two insanely long books I will never read!

Also, I have my almost-official Washington State ID card. The real one comes in the mail in two weeks.


We investigated Fremont this week. Here is the obligatory picture of the Fremont Troll:

He is apparently not a fan of German cars. He does not, however, mind every child in Seattle putting their entire fists into his nostrils. Grayson refused a photo-op with his head in a nostril. :(

We saw crazy stuff at the Fremont Sunday Market, and I almost bought an astoundingly beautiful orchid with SIX BLOOMS!!! I would have killed it though, most assuredly. It was too beautiful. We bought too many books this weekend. But, I have joined a few clubs to meet people, and now have three books to read for reading groups in the next few weeks. Exciting times. Grayson and I went to a Hawaiian/Tiki restaurant in Wallingford for one such meeting. It was pretty cool inside, but none of my cruddy cell phone pictures turned out.

While walking to said restaurant, I found my dream home. It was grey with white trim, an adorable craftsman with a tidy lawn, an attic and the house numbers were in Futura. It was adorable. I took a picture, but it may be creepy to post on the internet.

In other random news, Grayson has taken to cooking. He's getting quite good. We are having steak tonight!

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