Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chinatown adventures, Explosions and our minion, Hobbes!

This week, Grayson and I went to Chinatown, which really should revise its name: there were tons of Thai restaurants, a huge Japanese bookstore and grocery store, and some Korean restaurants, too. There was even a retro gaming store called Pink Godzilla...check out their rad logo! There was also a Chinese restaurant called the Purple Dot Cafe, with an awesome illustration that I am kicking myself I didn't get a photo of, with a like, weird dinosaur thing coming out of an egg? It was awesome.

Grayson and I also discovered a frozen yogurt place on the Ave that makes frozen yogurt actually taste like yogurt...their plain flavor was a bit too tart for me (which means Grayson adores it), but their green tea flavor was really good. Though I couldn't really taste the green tea, like you can with green tea ice cream.

Fourth of July
Grayson and I got to watch the fireworks from our roof. The view was really cool. I attempted fireworks photography, with shameful results:

Next week I have a job interview for my current job. If I get it, my pay rate goes up almost $3/hr. I will be making 220% of what I was making in Boise-HOURLY. Not to mention the fact that I work 25 more hours a week. w00t! Now I can afford to pie!

And, introducing to the world...Hobbes!

Affectionately known as Hobbeses. Hobbes is the progeny of my brother-in-law's kitty Gypsy. He was the solo, adventuring type of the bunch, which was perfect for us, because we could only (barely) afford one cat. So we flew him from Idaho up to Seattle with us, and he's been alternating between a cute, fuzzy, love-fluff adventure kitten, to a scratching, biting, but still totally adorable disastercat. He's about 11 weeks old. He was named after Thomas Hobbes, the philosopher and Hobbes of Calvin and Hobbes, so he's mostly Grayson's sidekick. I guess that makes me Suzy?

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