Sunday, September 28, 2008

Book Sale and Museum Day

This weekend was the Large McHuge Big Library Book Sale:

They even had an espresso cart, take that, podunk Boise library sale!

Then Grayson and I took advantage of the Smithsonian's Free Museum Day

and went to the Seattle Asian Art Museum

in Volunteer Park

in/on Capitol Hill on a pretty day

(where was this damn weather when Mom was here?!?)

and then went downtown to the Seattle Art Museum, all for free.

We were going to go to a million other ones, but with the book sale, there wasn't enough time to fit them all in.

Next weekend we are going to the Science Fiction Museum and Experience Music Project for the Lego Brick-Convention. Also, kitty goes in for his pre-surgery check-up. He prefers lillies if you would like to send him get-well flowers. But don't really, he'll just eat them.


chumly said...

A little catnip always cheered my furry friends up.

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