Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Extra Long Weekend Edition Spectacular

What did I do with my eeeextra long weekend? NOTHING! And it was grrreat!!!

On Saturday, Grayson and I loitered in the super sweet downtown library. I figured out how the spiral works (like a parking garage! You just keep walking along, to the shelf you want, and blam-o, you've "climbed" three flights of stairs but felt like you were walking down halls of books), and got to check out books! Woohoo!

Here's Grayson reading in the library:

On Sunday, Grayson and I sent all the dirt in our apartment to the land of wind and ghosts, then we went downtown for piroshkies and cupcakes:

I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to have at my fingertips the ability to sate any insane desire that pops into my head. If I start cravin' a piroshky, I can think of two places at the top of my head that will gimme what I want. It's AWESOME. If I want cupcakes, there are like EIGHTY places I can think of. I haven't even tried them all yet. Too awesome.

This weekend was Bumbershoot, the big music festival at the Space Needle. I opted out because there weren't enough bands I wanted to see to justify the ticket prices and standing around in a crowded, hipster hell. But it did draw Marcus in, and we had brunch at my place on Monday. Then we went to Ballard for cupcakes and record stores. Then I came home and spent the rest of the day reading books and drinking tea.

And then I was well rested and able to face a grueling four-day work week. Next week is my birthday, everybody. It will be a special edition post from/about Portland.
The End.


Jenny said...

What is very wierd is that when I click on your Amazon wishlist link, it takes me to my own Amazon wishlist...I was like, whoa, she wants the EXACT same books I want...

Anonymous said...

That's so weird, I wish they had an obvious permalink...at least it's easy to search...now I am totally nosily going to poke around yours...